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Tanasurga is about leading a team of mech pilots, take contracts to gain riches, and help to liberate or conquer a country in alternate WW2 settings in Southeast Asia.

In Tanasurga you’ll be a scientist who just opened their mecha mercenaries business with their childhood friend, Crawford, and a friend they met overseas, Angela. The business will receive various contracts from 3 different countries with each their own goals. The contracts could decide the fate of the countries. There will be different consequences depending on which contracts the scientist chose.

Tanasurga Demo is now Available to Download!

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Hell’s Pharma is now Available to Download!

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Hell’s Pharma is a point and click game about being a demon pharmacist in hell created and developed by Rainman Studios

You played as an intern demon in Hell’s Pharma and must serve potions to cure sick demons. Analyze the prescriptions you got from the demons to decide what ingredients to add to the potion.

This demo showcases an initial set of ingredients. In further development there will be much more ingredients to add to the potion, more demons to cure, more decision to make, and story with multiple endings.

Rainman Studios’ First Game 

‘SAH!!!’ Mobile game released as a celebration for Indonesian General Election 2019. This election themed game teaches the player how to correctly vote based on the rule. Download the game now in Google Play (Game Only Available in Bahasa Indonesia)

Sah Mobile

SAH! is now Available to Download!

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Rainman Studios is a game developer team which was created in January 2019 at Surabaya, Indonesia. Our goal is to create unforgettable games to the players.


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