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Game Summary

Narrative driven Mecha Mercenaries Sim-Strategy Game set in Alternate WW2 setting in South East Asia

Genre : Narrative driven Simulation/ Turn-based Strategy

Target Platform : PC

Target Audience : 18 years old and up; fan of mecha, strategy games

Business Model : Premium PC

Game Engine : Gamemaker Studio 2

Narrative Driven

Player plays as a Scientist who just opened their mecha mercenaries business with their childhood friend, Crawford, and a friend they met overseas, Angela. The business will receive various contracts from 3 different countries with each their own goals. The contracts could decide the fate of the countries. There will be different consequences depending on which contracts the player chose. 

Tanasurga Factions

Turn Based Battle

The battle in Tanasurga is turn based. The order of the turn is based the “Speed” stat from the highest to the lowest. In player turn, you can decide to use the mecha skill, pilot skill, basic attacks, defend, reload, or talk. Every turn player can only do 1 action except for some skills. When it’s enemy turn, they can do various things depending on the type of the enemy; some enemy can only do basic attacks and defends, while other enemies has special skills.

Tanasurga Hub

Tanasurga Pilots WIP


Pilots are unique characters that player can recruit to his/ her team to control the mecha and run the missions.

  • Build a relation with your pilots by interacting with them.
  • Each pilot has a specific type of contracts they like or dislike. 
  • Some pilot will decide to leave if you treat them badly.
  • In the other hand, if you treat them well, they will reward you something and give a new contract to explore their backstory.

A breakthrough in technology allow the creation of powerful mecha unit. Now it’s used in every major battles

  • Various Mecha base from light to Heavy.
  • Install different modular parts to affect the mecha stats and skills.
  • There’s 3 type of modular parts to install: Cockpit, Arms, and legs.
  • Each modular has different amount of slot for attachments.
  • You can save and load the fully customized mecha

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